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A three-part solution that positioned a furniture retailer as a customer-first business and empowers the community.

Becoming part of the community

The challenge

Position a local furniture retailer as part of the community.

The outcome

An online and offline brand awareness solution that also empowers customers.

Client: Full House Furniture

Building the right kind of awareness is always an interesting challenge for any business. How do you position your brand as easily identifiable yet unique, and can a brand be seen as part of its community? Full House, a furniture retailer with 16 outlets across the Western Cape, needed a way to position each store as a local and accessible outlet with knowledgeable and friendly staff, a challenge they presented to Shapeshift.

“First impressions matter and we wanted the Full House brand to be seen as a professional yet friendly member of each community we are a part of.”

Alistair MacKenzie, Founder and Managing Director, Full House

The big picture

Finding the best way to position a brand involves a combination of elements, all of which must be professionally executed and backed by sound strategy.

A complete analysis

Shapeshift analysed competitor brands, how Full House customers use the internet as a communication tool, and customer in-store experiences.

The perfect positioning

Shapeshift’s solution includes a mix of both online and offline components, all designed to position each Full House outlet as a trustworthy member of their community.

The outcome

Full House received a personalised and professionally designed Google Business Places listings that position each Full House outlet as trustworthy and easily accessible. Customer reviews are used to influence product and service quality, and free in-store Wi-Fi gives the community the opportunity to access the web and to become computer literate.

Increased visibility

Google Business Places listings make each store attractive and easy to find.

Greater insights

Customer reviews provide valuable feedback that feeds company innovation.

Community engagement

Free Wi-Fi and computer access enables computer literacy.

“Shapeshift has positioned us exactly how we want to be seen by our customers: as a close-knit team of trustworthy people who are ready to help.”

Alistair MacKenzie, Founder and Managing Director, Full House

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