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Accelerating Business Growth

Business owners become so occupied with their daily grind that they rarely get the time to focus on modernising their business efforts. Techno Group, a leading property compliance specialist, partnered with Shapeshift to start their journey into the digital landscape. By developing bespoke operational systems and utilising data-driven strategies to cultivate their digital presence, we streamlined their business efforts and positioned them as a leader in the property compliance industry.

Digital Consulting
Positioning Strategy
Online Platform
System Design
Process Optimisation & Automation
Lead Generation

Finding the
right position

Our first objective was to redefine and establish the company’s digital positioning. Through a deep customer intelligence process, which included industry research, surveys and interviews, we immersed ourselves in Techno Group’s operations to ensure we understood and accurately communicated their offering. We grouped together their services into a single brand, originally split into various brands for each service, giving birth to Techno Compliance. Additionally, using the data we gathered, we implemented a long-term digital positioning strategy that included cross-channel social media efforts and an ongoing targeted Google AdWords campaign.

A brand new
look and feel

Building on the new positioning strategy, we unified the Techno Compliance digital real estate into a single cohesive website with an intuitive and elegant interface. We developed a brand-new Techno Compliance visual strategy with a refreshed logo and design scheme, modernising the company’s presence and breathing new life into the Techno brand and its team.

Going Digital

We digitised Techno Group’s entire operational ecosystem and developed a bespoke and highly customisable digital platform that allowed them to easily adapt their operational processes to the changing standards of the property compliance industry. In addition, this drastically optimised business efforts and automated all low-tier company activities such as correspondence, scheduling and record-keeping. This provided staff with the opportunity to focus on high-priority objectives, instilling a new sense of purpose in the company and evolving the business to meet the demands of the future.

Techno Compliance is now positioned as a leader in the property compliance industry, boasting some of the most sophisticated digital operation and management systems in their field. They have a highly active client base, with a high rate of conversions and recommendations, and have transformed their value offering to resonate with their clients’ needs.

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