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First Impressions Count: Sophisticated Aesthetics that Captivate

Shapeshift assisted Hamer Attorneys Inc. a niche property law firm, with a full rebrand, providing them with a slick and sophisticated visual feel that accurately represents their professionalism and high standard of service.

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When conceptualising Hamer Attorney Inc.’s visuals, we took great care to ensure we incorporated the philosophies that drive them. The three-part logo, which as a whole is an abstract reference to the “scales of justice”, conveys crucial aspects of the business. Firstly, it denotes the members of the organisation: the attorney, the notary and the conveyancer. Then it focuses on the three parts of the business: residential developments, commercial developments and renewable energy. Lastly, we decided that we would implement no framing around the logo to communicate the out-of-box and boundary-pushing approach of director, Warren Hamer. When it came to the font, the obvious choice was Gotham, a font which is known for representing honesty and professionalism, two ideals that form part of Hamer Attorney Inc.’s core values.

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Your brand’s visual persona is one of the first things a prospective customer will encounter. If it doesn’t immediately resonate with your intended target audience, there’s a slim chance they will make the jump to acquire your services or invest in your product. Shapeshift crafted a full brand identity for Hamer Attorneys, including a logo, brand colour scheme and fonts, all of which were implemented in various forms such as their website, corporate stationery and physical branding (office decor, office block lightbox, parking signs).

What our client said


"Ricky and his team are truly innovative. Their ideas are out the box and their approach is refreshing. They instill confidence that your business will get the right exposure and that the look and feel online is a true reflection of your business. The Shapeshift team will go the extra mile to assist. Looking forward to working with them in the future as our business grows."

Warren Hamer, Principal

Hamer Attorneys Inc. now boasts a strong visual presence that successfully and creatively convey their brand’s identity. With minimalistic yet striking visuals, their branding aesthetic is easy to process and leaves a lasting impression. This provides them with a solid foundation for growing brand awareness, paving the way for strategic and effective marketing efforts.

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