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Generating Quality B2B Leads

Crafting an effective online lead generation campaign requires proper strategic planning, especially when you’re promoting complex B2B technology with sales cycles ranging anywhere from a month to two years. This is why First Technology approached us to identify and implement methods to engage their audience, capture high-quality leads and help turn these leads into customers.

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Strategy is key

Before you can effectively sell your services and products to a prospective audience, you first have to understand what makes them tick. Our first order of business was to delve into First Technology’s customer demographics and psychological profiles to generate a customer intelligence report that we used to drive our lead-generation initiatives. This effort was complemented with a map of the buyer’s journey, a crucial step that includes the first point of contact a prospect experiences with First Technology, an offer and a communication cycle after the initial contact has been made.

Putting things
in motion

With our strategy in place, we produced a complete campaign designed to engage the right audience at the right time for maximum results. This led to the development of an eBook on IT transformation titled, “The Driving Force Behind Business Innovation”. The eBook explores the evolution of IT transformation and gives readers key insights on why their brands should embrace transformation, and how First Technology and partner Dell EMC are uniquely positioned to provide the right solutions for each business.

Getting the
word out

By creating and investigating a shortlist of media publications, we found one with a captive audience that matched First Technology’s ideal customer profile. Additional criteria we also considered included the number of newsletter subscribers, the volume of monthly newsletters sent out and their average open rate. We then published a banner advertisement in a series of weekly email newsletters sent out by Daily Maverick. We also capitalised on social media by publishing both organic and paid advertisements of the eBook on LinkedIn.

Capturing and Nurturing Leads

Having established the traffic sources, we designed a custom landing page that prospects were channeled to. Here, prospects completed a lead capture form and then received the eBook. To further cultivate leads, a five-part email and blog series was developed to engage with relevant prospects. Topics were all aligned with the eBook and offered supplementary information with compelling data-backed research. All articles were published on First Technology’s blog and promoted on LinkedIn.

What our client said

The extension of everything that I do

Shapeshift are my dream team! I give them a crumb and they turn it into magic! I would recommend them to anyone looking to take their concepts to life and are looking for an extension to their business that they can trust and rely on. Always delivering quality!

Jolene Strydom, Marketing Manager

Shapeshift continues to position First Technology as a thought leader in the IT transformation landscape. Through our strategic efforts, we consistently generate a healthy dose of high-quality leads that largely consist of c-suite professionals, First Technology’s main target customer.

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