Quona Capital

The Art of Visual Communication

Quona Capital is an American investment company that supports fintech innovators that focus on advancing inclusion in emerging markets. To help them reach their intended target market, Shapeshift provided them with a unique, professional and modern website that effectively communicates their passion and purpose-driven services.

User interface design
Graphic design
Website development
JavaScript animation

Simple Designs with Great Impact

Your website is a crucial aspect of your brand and business. Not only is it a key method of communicating your brand and company values, but it is the hook that reels in prospective clientele. For Quona Capital, we created a clean and minimalistic website that is effortless to explore and deeply resonates with their target audience of high-level professionals and investors. The site was also decorated with sharp, inspirational and uplifting images to convey the impactful and positive nature of Quona Capital’s mission.

Breaking the

When developing the Quona Capital website, we created a fully custom, next-gen layout featuring a responsive design with dynamic elements on both desktop and mobile, all while still providing a smooth user experience with rapid loading times. Additionally, we integrated the website with various international job recruitment databases, allowing Quona to tap into the world-wide job market to facilitate the hiring process for their various globally based offices. Finally, we implemented a user-friendly customisation platform that allows the Quona Capital team to swiftly implement changes, keeping them agile and ready to adapt.

Quona Capital now boasts a simplistic yet striking web presence, positioning their brand as a professional and future-thinking organisation with a strong mission to advance inclusion in emerging markets. With a new focused digital presence, they can now effectively attract their three target users, namely the investor, emerging businesses and essential employees. With integrated access to the international job market, they are also able to leverage a global network of skilled individuals to aid them in their purpose-driven mission.

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