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Business growth doesn’t necessarily mean expansion. In fact, in most cases, evolving your current business structure will translate into much greater rewards than an extra outlet or office. Even the most marginal improvements could lead to massive gains in the long run. When Full House Furniture approached Shapeshift to identify ways they could grow their business, we turned our gaze inwards instead of resting it on faraway horizons. By immersing ourselves in the company culture, procedures, and technology, we identified several points where Full House could significantly up their game.

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Process Optimisation & Automation
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An optimised application process

Full House provides its customers with an option to buy furniture on credit and pay it off over time. Our research expedition into the company’s internal operations uncovered several administrative pain points that delayed the credit application process by as much as two weeks. By integrating a third-party API that automatically manages customer applications, transfers applicant information directly to the credit bureau and notifies customers on the outcome of their application via an SMS, we have decreased the application wait time from weeks to hours.

A mobile First approach

With more than 75% of Full House website traffic originating from mobile phones, developing a new mobile-first website was a no brainer. We designed and optimised the new website with a focus on faster loading times and intuitive product listings, meaning that customers didn’t have to empty their bank accounts just to utilise Full House’s online services. To manage the new site’s data, we also developed a secure, cloud-based backend database that safely collects and stores customer information, and simplifies the internal process of product updates on the website.

promotional tool

Explainer videos have become a staple for many businesses. They break down complex solutions into simple and easy-to-grasp concepts. For Full House customers, purchase payment plans are not a new idea; however, being able to check their eligibility for credit by completing an online application via their mobile phones was. Shapeshift developed a short in-store explainer video that detailed how to navigate the mobile website, how to complete a credit application and what customers should expect once their application is submitted.

With our new solution driving online operations, Full House Furniture received a staggering fifteen times more credit applications. The new mobile-first website saw a 42,16% decrease in visitor bounce rates and a 54,10% increase in on-page dwell times, metrics that hold significant value to any online store. The back-end database has also become a critical component for managing customer information that allows Full House strategically to drive its promotional campaigns.

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