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Learn how we helped a large IT solutions provider tackle the complexities of employee induction with a beautifully designed and effective employee induction booklet.

Starting off on the right foot

The challenge

Develop an employee induction handbook for a large IT hardware and software solutions provider.

The outcome

An accurate, clear and comprehensive induction handbook that speeds-up employee integration.

Client: First Technology

Employee integration is an important experience for new hires. It gives them an opportunity to develop their first impressions of your business, impressions that can lead to a happy stay or a short and quick exit. When First Technology wanted to make its new hires feel at home, they approached Shapeshift with a simple idea: create a staff induction handbook that encompasses all that they are.

“Our people are the heart of our business and making them feel part of our family is critical to our success.”

Johan de Villiers, Managing Director, First Technology

A world of knowledge

Unpacking the history, culture and business model of a large IT hardware and services company is no simple feat, but it is possible.

Shapeshift worked closely with First Technology’s leadership team to build a complete framework of all information that should be included in the new employee handbook. This was managed through a series of open interviews to gather information only captured in the minds of employees.

A deep dive

Shapeshift explored unique insights, practices and experience gained by staff on the job. They also uncovered the culture and relationship dynamics that make First Technology successful, developed an understanding of First Technology’s customers, learned about the technology and solutions they stand by, documented company policies, and captured the goals and aspirations of the business and its people.

A complete and valuable resource

Shapeshift took to the drawing board and began to develop First Technology’s new employee induction handbook by focusing on six areas of their business.

The outcome

First Technology received a comprehensive and easy-to-read induction handbook with everything a new hire needs to quickly assimilate into the business.


The handbook is written in a conversational tone, making it relatable for new hires.

Faster onboarding

Critical information is condensed to speed up employee integration.


New hires have immediate access to answers for their most common questions.

“Our new induction handbook is exactly what we wanted: a clear, concise and complete take on our brand and how we do business.”

- Johan de Villiers, Managing Director, First Technology -

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