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Learn how we used paid media, web design, email marketing and social media to generate leads for a large IT solutions provider.

Generating quality B2B leads

The challenge

Generate high-quality leads for a national IT hardware and software solutions provider.

The outcome

A successful online lead generation campaign that produced high-quality leads and positioned a national IT hardware and solutions provider as an IT transformation and business innovation thought leader.

Client: First Technology

Business-to-business (B2B) technology hardware and software sales can be complex and lengthy, with sales cycles ranging from one month to as long as two years. First Technology, a national IT hardware and software solutions provider understands this. They also possess an acute awareness of their customer engagement cycle and what it takes to develop a lead into a customer. However, they needed help generating more high-quality leads, so they reached out to Shapeshift to find a way to help them engage an audience of prospects with a compelling offer.

“We rely on a steady stream of high-quality leads and asked Shapeshift to find the best way to help us fill this need.”

Jolene Strydom, Marketing Manager, First Technology

A strategic approach

Building an effective online lead generation campaign requires strategic planning, especially when it comes to the sale of complex B2B technology. First, Shapeshift learned about First Technology’s ideal customer demographic and psychographic profile.

Defining the buyer's journey

Next, they mapped out a buyer journey – a crucial step that includes the first point of contact a prospect experiences with First Technology, an offer, and a communication cycle after contact has been made.

Connecting the dots

Shapeshift produced a complete campaign designed to engage the right audience at the right time for maximum results.

The outcome

Shapeshift generated a pool of new leads which includes professionals in the c-suite – First Technology’s target customer, positioned First Technology as a thought leader in the IT transformation landscape, and began the lead nurturing process to keep the brand top-of-mind.

High-quality leads

First Technology received a fresh list of leads to engage.

Thought leadership

First Technology is now positioned as a leader in the IT transformation field.

Engaged leads

Lead nurturing has helped keep First Technology top-of-mind.

“Shapeshift helped us zero-in on a list of high-quality leads that helps speed up our sales cycle, and positioned us as thought leaders in the IT transformation space.”

Jolene Strydom, Marketing Manager, First Technology

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