22 July 2019

Talking About Generation Y: How to Market to Millennials

In your industry, you are the expert. You have spent years honing your craft and building your expertise, and you are now at the top of your game. But there are certain aspects that you might know little to nothing about, and this includes digital marketing.

In order for a digital marketing agency to reach this demographic, there needs to be a shift in thought. We live in a digital era, and so instant gratification is now not a want of consumers but a demand.

Because of the connectivity of today’s technology, Millennials are the “sharing” generation, and brands need to create content that is shareable in order to resonate with this audience.

Amp up instant gratification with communication

Millennials live in a fast-paced world. Almost everything is available immediately, and Millennials find this highly attractive. Think about this: in today’s world, people do not even need to leave the house in order to buy something, whether it be groceries or the latest piece of haute couture fashion.

To appeal to this demographic, marketing agency services should include the ability to chat with brands. This includes using all of the social media tools in your arsenal, such as Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp or WeChat.

By maintaining quick, easy and instant communication with your audience, you are building trust in your brand and loyalty from your consumers.

You can use all of the instant feedback to deliver exactly what consumers want in a much faster time period.

Tap into the sharing mindset

The internet allows people to share their opinions and reviews with the world. Think about this: why did you decide to choose a specific whisky? What made you decide to eat out at that new Italian restaurant? The reviews and opinions of others help people to make decisions, and they hold a lot of power when it comes to purchasing decisions.

One effective way to tap into this sharing mindset is to build your presence on social media. Millennial consumers value trust and honesty in brands, and if you are not open on social media platforms, you will find yourself losing out on consumer interest.

Choosing the right channels for your social media platforms is vital. If you post content on platforms that do not fit well with your brand (such as corporate or financial firms creating Instagram stories) you will find that the Millennial market views you as inauthentic and will lose interest.

Always be authentic

As mentioned above, authenticity counts for a lot with Generation Y consumers. If they feel that your brand or company is not being authentic or that you do not truly believe in your product and are simply pushing a hard sell, you will likely lose out on these consumers. A recent survey has shown that almost 90 percent of millennial consumers find authenticity important, which is a large number of consumers to lose out on.

In previous years, speaking out about a cause or a political movement would have been a no-go, but now it can help you to connect with your consumers. Millennials will choose the person over the price or process. This relationship is about trust and connecting with a belief. The “why” plays a much stronger role than the “what” with this audience.

Forcing authenticity is just as bad as not being authentic at all, so be sure to avoid using too much “Millennial talk” in order to appear relevant. Rather, you should focus on creating and curating content that aligns with your brand or with any causes that you and your employees care about.

Listening to their needs and providing content that answers their questions is an effective way to bring in conversions.

Improve your inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is in when it comes to the Millennial market. Generation Y consumers trust brands that are actively working to improve the lives of their consumers by providing valuable content. Millennials are not looking for product lists and features, they are looking for e-books, whitepapers, blog posts, and videos.

Thought-leadership is extremely appreciated by Millennials, and if you are creating content that positions you as an industry expert, you will be able to grab their attention. After all, up to 44% of this audience are more likely to trust experts about products than they are to trust brands with a sales pitch.

You could take a leaf out of the makeup giant Mac’s book, and provide users with videos, blogs posts, or infographics giving tips from industry experts and thought-leaders on how to best use your products. A Millennial consumer will be more inclined to show their peers a video tutorial about your product than a printed advertisement listing the product’s benefits.

What’s the next step?

Change can be a scary idea for businesses and companies, especially if you are established in your industry and have been operating for a long time. However, this mindset needs to change in order to truly reach the Millennial market.

Amping up instant gratification, making use of the sharing mindset of the era, and maintaining authenticity are just some of the ways to market to Millennials. By choosing Shapeshift as your full-service digital marketing agency, you will be able to reach your buyer and start building a relationship for long-term success.

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