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Find out how we elevated the corporate event registration process of a large IT solutions provider using web design, email communication and more.

Optimising the corporate event registration

The challenge

Create a streamlined event registration solution and communication strategy.

The outcome

An optimised event registration experience and redefined event promotion strategy.

Client: First Technology

Company events are an important brand and customer engagement exercise. Done right, they enable companies to deepen relationships and grow. However, to run successful events, businesses require the right tools and an effective communication strategy. This became evident to First Technology, a national IT hardware and software solutions provider that runs regular thought leadership events.

“We needed a way to better understand our clients and streamline our registration process.”

Jolene Strydom, Marketing Manager, First Technology

Mapping the user experience

Shapeshift tackled the challenge by working closely with Strydom. Together they mapped the attendee experience from the first event notification, through the event registration process, to post-event communications.

Creating an event attendee journey would allow Shapeshift to find the simplest and most intuitive attendee registration experience and build a solution around it.

Hurdles identified

Shapeshift needed to find an effective way to drive clients to event registration forms, what the ideal communication sequence and the best time to send emails would be, and how to handle dietary requirements

A complete solution

The outcome is a redefined event promotion strategy and custom online registration application.
Shapeshift delivered the following:

The outcome

First Technology’s improved event registration process has helped them easily and efficiently promote and consistently elevate the quality of their events.

Quick registrations

Guests register for events in under 3 minutes.

Smarter promotion

Customer engagement is optimised to increase registrations.

Quality feedback

Post-event surveys identify new business opportunities and increase attendee satisfaction.

“Shapeshift helped us strengthen our customer experience. The communication strategy is much more effective and the registration process smooth and seamless.”

Jolene Strydom, Marketing Manager, First Technology

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