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How we helped a 16-outlet furniture retailer generate more revenue and sales using design, creative thinking and technology.

Where’s the wallet?

The challenge

Find a way to increase revenue for a chain of furniture retail outlets.

The outcome

A four-part solution that produced revenue growth in less time, stores critical data, and enhances the customer experience.

Client: Full House Furniture

Full House has been able to do what few small retail outlets can – grow at a phenomenal rate. However, even with the opening of 14 new retail outlets, founder and managing director Alistair MacKenzie became acutely aware that there was room to grow his business. His challenge was finding a feasible way to do so.

“Scaling a business is a complex process. We found that a fresh pair of eyes was vital.”

Alistair MacKenzie, Founder and Managing Director, Full House

Enter Shapeshift

Shapeshift is a growth agency that uses data insights, design and technology to build unique solutions for their clients. They began examining how Full House’s business worked and the ways in which customers interacted with the brand.

The discovery phase lasted three months. In that time, Shapeshift analysed Full House’s business efficiencies and customer demographics to understand how they interacted with the brand.

Turning data insights into creative solutions

Research results painted a clear picture of Full House’s operational efficiencies and customer preferences. For example, over 75% of Full House customers use mobile phones to view furniture or appliances, and website bounce rates indicated that the user experience was not optimal.

A four-part solution

Armed with these and other valuable insights, Shapeshift proposed a four-part solution to Full House that would address the need for growth.

The moment of truth

After implementing the four-part solution, Full House began to experience growth with online credit applications increasing fifteenfold. The mobile-first website redesign has decreased the visitor bounce rate by 42.16% and increased on-page dwell time by 54.10%, both of which are significant metrics as the site is filled with product page listings with limited text.

The back-end database has also become a critical component for managing customer information for promotional campaigns.


More credit applications

More customers complete online credit applications from their mobile phones.


Bounce rate decrease

Customers find what they want faster online and stay on web pages.


Average session time

Customers spent more time on the browsing the website.

“Shapeshift’s approach to using data and technology has helped us uncover valuable insights into our customer base”

Alistair MacKenzie, Founder and Managing Director, Full House

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