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How we grew a highly engaged online community of customers using organic and paid social media posts, video, competitions, email and more.

Building a tribe of loyal fans

The challenge

Develop an online presence for national furniture retailer.

The outcome

An online communication strategy that delivers high levels of customer engagement.

Client: Full House Furniture

Everybody knows that brands need to be online if they want to grow, however, few are able to use social media marketing, email and other communication channels effectively. When Full House decided to start building its online presence, they knew better than to hire an entire in-house digital marketing team. They turned to Shapeshift.

“Marketing is evolving rapidly with social media changing the way people engage with brands. We wanted to be where our customers are to strengthen our relationships with them.”

Alistair MacKenzie, Founder and Managing Director, Full House

Uncovering customer preferences

Building an online presence is as much an exercise in understanding who your audience is and how they communicate as it is about creating valuable content. Shapeshift spent three months learning about Full House’s customers.

They studied customer demographics, device usage statistics, and the language, tone and voice that Full House customers use.

The right strategy

Research showed that 75% of Full House customers use mobile phones, and that social media, messaging applications and email were popular means of communication. Shapeshift therefore developed a growth communication strategy to support these channels.

Full House’s strategy comprised of a complete communication plan with an editorial calendar, creative content deliverables and key performance metrics that all future content will be measured against. Also included is monthly reporting, which is presented to Full House’s leadership team and used to optimise future creative content to increase engagement.

Three channels to drive engagement

As part of Full House’s communication strategy, Shapeshift delivered a Facebook page, a dedicated WhatsApp communication channel and an email newsletter.

The outcome

Full House has a highly engaged Facebook page, a WhatsApp communication channel that receives queries daily, and weekly email newsletter that’s growing in popularity with customers.

Highly engaged

Full House has a highly active audience with daily engagement.

More enquiries

Customers turn to WhatsApp to query specials, products and credit application status.

Growing reach

Weekly newsletter views and signups are on the rise.

“Shapeshift has helped us connect with our customers in a way that we could not have imagined. Our audience has come to know us online and engage with our channels daily.”

Alistair MacKenzie, Founder and Managing Director, Full House

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