15 September 2019

Who are you, really? The importance of personal branding

In your industry, you are the expert. You have spent years honing your craft and building your expertise, and you are now at the top of your game. But there are certain aspects that you might know little to nothing about, and this includes digital marketing.

Your message across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn needs to be consistent and relevant to your values and beliefs. This is especially true for those who are in the C-suite or who are in the corporate sphere, as your personal brand is often what people will judge you by before even meeting you.

What, exactly, is a personal brand?

In simple terms, your personal brand is the way people think (and talk) about you when you are not around – to paraphrase Jeff Bezos. With the innovation of social media, personal branding has become more important than ever before, and now many marketing agency services include it as an offering.

Think of your personal brand as the combination of your unique skills and achievements presented in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd. The way in which you present yourself to the world will have an influence on how you connect with possible clients and networking contacts.

It can help you to build and foster trust with your audience and colleagues in your industry.

Your credibility will be solidified

Establishing your credibility and knowledge is important in helping to position you as a thought-leader in your industry. Building this credibility starts with making yourself visible to your audience.

The psychology behind this is that, if you are more visible to your audience and the public, you will be perceived as having more expertise in your field. This will also give you more confidence, and having more confidence in yourself and in your work will also boost your credibility levels. Your personal brand is the perfect platform for showing your expertise and skills.

Defined values attract like-minded people

In today’s modern world, consumers are becoming more interested in the values of a brand than they are in the products. The same can be said of people who are interested in connecting with you on a professional and personal level.

Personal branding starts out by asking what your core values are, and helps you to define these. Having clearly defined and well-thought-out values will set you aside from others in your industry. It will also show them what you believe, which, in turn, will show them how you will do business with them. If your values align with theirs, they will be more likely to connect with you.

Spark ideas and build relationships

Networking and connecting with others in similar positions in your industry are made much easier when you have a personal brand to stand by. Not only will you be able to forge connections with these other thought-leaders, but you will be able to spark ideas for solutions to industry problems.

By creating a personal brand that reflects your values, skills, expertise, and knowledge, others will be able to learn from you and may even provide you with new and exciting knowledge.

Sparking ideas and building relationships will be more successful if you have a defined personal brand to lead with.

Your trustworthiness will improve

When people know and understand who you are and what you do, they relate on a more personal level and tend to be more open to do business with you. Your persona will communicate your values, positioning you as a trustworthy brand.

Think about it in another way: would you trust someone who does not have an idea about who they are as a professional? Having clear values, goals, and achievements will show others that you are confident in yourself. This will make them more likely to trust you and allow you to take them on as clients or connect with them as another industry expert.

Connect with more consumers

Getting down to the nitty gritty of the issue, having a carefully curated personal brand can also help you to bring in more customers or clients. Your digital presence is the very first impression that consumers will have of your company, and if you present a cohesive and truthful representation of yourself, consumers will want to find out more about your company.

For a professional personal branding service that will improve your credibility, define your values and help you connect with more people, contact Shapeshift today for more information.

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