22 July 2019

Why You Should Hire a Unicorn Marketing Agency

In your industry, you are the expert. You have spent years honing your craft and building your expertise, and you are now at the top of your game. But there are certain aspects that you might know little to nothing about, and this includes digital marketing.

A unicorn marketing agency can be described as an agency which applies the best strategies to drive more engagements for campaigns. They use a form of marketing magic that should help businesses with choosing a digital marketing agency. What is this magic? A combination of hard skills, soft skills, and customer-driven results. If you’re not convinced by the fantastical moniker, let the results of these agencies speak for themselves.

Expect impressive results

While all marketing agencies think their results will be impressive, unicorn marketing agencies believe that their results will be explosive and impressive. Their belief in themselves stems from their experience, skills and drive to break the mould and do more than their competition.

If you will be hiring a digital marketing agency in South Africa, look out for the ones who are bucking trends and trying new things. Perhaps they have taken a unique approach to improving a client’s company culture in order to drive more sales and improve customer experience.

This type of out-of-the-box approach is what causes them to provide impressive results.

They concentrate on the customer’s unique needs

Like businesses should always put customers first, marketing should always be user- and customer-centric. These unicorn marketing agencies focus on the needs of the customer rather than simply implementing digital strategies to increase short-term revenue.

This is the difference between general agencies and unicorn marketing agencies. A unicorn marketing agency focuses on the customer’s unique needs, engaging the customer and using customer feedback to help drive marketing decisions.

Unicorns try everything… at least once

An agency that does not think of creative solutions or that simply follow the crowd is likely not going to provide the results that companies are looking for. Unicorn marketing agencies, however, are willing to try everything at least once.

Other agencies might see new technology on the horizon and think, “Well, nobody in our agency can use that, so we won’t offer it.” A unicorn agency will see new technology and think, “Amazing! How can we put this to use for our next campaign!” The approach of wanting to learn and try something new is what many business owners and CEOs are looking for in a marketing agency, because this is often their approach to growing their business.

Always on-trend

In the world of marketing, if you are not on-trend, then you will soon become irrelevant. The same can be said for businesses. If you have chosen a marketing agency who does not know the latest news and trends in their industry, then their efforts on your campaigns will be equally as behind the times.

Unicorn agencies are willing to invest time and money into educating their employees in the latest trends, technologies, and skills. This is how they are able to stay ahead of the curve. When you hire an agency, you are ideally looking for a mindset that is business-specific and a team that will provide you with creative and tailored strategies to grow your business.

Unicorns are able to do this because they are always up-to-date with the latest trends.

Not Just Scotland’s National Animal

Hiring a marketing agency that falls into the unicorn spectrum is a sure-fire way to improve your results and your customer experience. These agencies will try everything and anything to drive impressive results, and are always on-trend and on the pulse of what is happening in their industry.

If you are looking for a marketing agency in Cape Town with a touch of unicorn magic, contact Shapeshift today on +27 21 979 2308 or email us at letsgrow@shapeshift.co.za to find out how we can give you explosive results.

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